Support Services

Talos International Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. We provide Communications Systems, Technology Solutions, Smart Sensory Advisory Systems, and professional Support Services to our customers. Our mission is to deliver quality technical solutions and professional support services to our customers. Long-term client relationships based on trust and customer satisfaction are essential to the achievement of our corporate goals.

Talos International’s internal commitment is to view our customers’ challenges from their perspective, translate their vision into specific and detailed requirements, translate requirements into concise, accurate contract documentation, and develop and measure acquisition deliverables and milestones ― with particular attention to preventing any organizational conflict of interest.

Strategic Planning Services

Talos International can assist our government customers in the development and management of acquisition strategies that meet the specific needs of Program Offices or individual programs of record. We can assist in tailoring the acquisition strategy to document the factors, approach, and assumptions that will guide acquisition decisions related to the investment, and allow for the identification of risks and consideration of tradeoffs needed to mitigate those risks. Ultimately, our employees can assist in developing a roadmap for the investment life cycle and an iterative process that allows for updates and refinements to the acquisition strategy.

Engineering and Technical Support Services

Engineers and certified technicians assist our customers during the acquisition cycle by providing systems engineering and technical direction during the research, development, production, operation, or maintenance of the system. Specific activities include planning, requirements management, interface management, risk management, configuration management, technical data management, technical assessment and decision analysis, attending systems engineering technical reviews, and providing engineering reports.

Program Office and Case Management Services

We understand the primary objective of the defense acquisition process is the acquisition of quality products that satisfy user needs with measurable improvements to mission capability and operational support in a timely manner at a fair and reasonable cost. Our employees can assist U.S. Government acquisition professionals in the development and management of pre-system acquisition, system acquisition, and sustainment, including:

      • Material Solution Analysis
      • Technology Development
      • Engineering and Manufacturing Development
      • Production and Deployment
      • Operations and Support

Our certified acquisition professionals have the background and expertise to provide effective oversight of programs, and ensure project tasks and milestones are accomplished within scope, schedule, and funding parameters.

Test and Evaluation

Talos International’s employees have significant experience in the test and evaluation (T&E) of Department of Defense acquisition category (ACAT) programs of record and commercial programs. We understand the fundamental purpose of T&E is to provide essential information to decision makers, verify and validate performance capabilities documented as requirements, assess attainment of technical performance parameters, and determine whether systems are operationally effective, suitable, survivable, and safe for intended use.

Talos International can provide experienced employees that are responsible for assisting the Government Test and Evaluation Leadership with the planning, management, and oversight of all DT&E and T&E activities for the program. Our T&E services include test management, test plan preparation, testing, test analysis, and test reporting.


Talos International provides training support services, including the planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of curricula. We provide our customers with experienced and professional training managers and curricula development teams capable of developing and supervising mission-focused computer-based training, instructor-led training, and train-the-trainer instructional services in the language required.

Computer-Based Training

Computer-Based Training is a computer delivered interactive method of learning that provides a series of self-paced, hands-on, web-based or CD delivered courses. Talos International offers Computer-Based Training designed to teach students how to operate and maintain a new system or system component.

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led Training is dynamic, personalized, and provides students with face-to-face and one-on-one opportunities they may not receive with other methods of instruction. Through Instructor-Led Training, Talos International’s instructors will deliver training in a lecture or classroom format, as an interactive workshop, or as a demonstration with the opportunity for students to practice hands-on training with the new system or component. As course material is taught, instructors can provide immediate feedback to student questions in a real-time environment.


Talos International can develop and teach “Train-the-Trainer” courses of instruction that prepare current instructors to deliver new system or system component training to their employees. Our programs do not train professionals how to teach as a general discipline; we focus on preparing instructors to deliver professional training ― on how to operate and maintain a new system or system component.

Our instructors will have the background, practical experience, and certifications required to provide mission specific training and system demonstrations of the new system or component.


Talos International provides support services that include administrative support, financial management, and business management.

General Administrative Support

Talos International provides customers with general administrative support. This includes processing travel arrangements and vouchers through the Defense Travel System, processing visitor requests and badging, typing, document scanning, coordinating schedules and meetings, and developing program reports and documents.

Financial Management

Talos International provides customers with business financial management support. This includes assisting in the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution process to allocate resources for current and future Government acquisition programs; conducting financial and business case analyses; estimating project return on investment; analyzing earned value management data; developing cost estimates and justification reports; and updating financial management documentation.

Procurement Planning

Talos International provides customers with procurement planning for the purpose of acquiring products and services to support program goals and objectives. This includes providing acquisition support documentation; procurement planning documentation; preparing cost estimates for program management, engineering, hardware, software, installation, site activation, implementation, and sustainment requirements. Talos International will also provide procurement services for customers.

Contract Management

Talos International provides customers with the contract administration, management, and documentation of programs. Services include monitoring program cost and risk, monitoring and recording vendor performance and deliverables, providing and reviewing financial reports, and assisting in progress reviews.


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