MEO Support Services
Talos International has an exceptional team of professionals who have worked as DoD Civil Service employees and as defense industry contractors. Based on this insight we will use our in-house ability to recruit and train professionals, and place quality people into the right roles that provide comprehensive and focused MEO solutions to our Customers.

MEO Implementation

To implement the Most Efficient Organizations in the Federal Government we can provide services to assist in:

      • Developing the MEO strategy.
      • Developing and validating the MEO requirements.
      • Writing the Performance Work Statement (PWS).
      • Aligning the Management Plan with the MEO performance measures and standards.
Study Team Start Date

When the start date is determined we will assist the local Study Team and begin drafting the Performance Work Statement, Management Plan, and in-house cost estimate. For aviation programs we will assist in developing a Performance Requirements Summary (PRS) that provides a synopsis of the scope of work and output performance measurements that may be used in conjunction with aviation cost comparisons, which relies on the GSA FAMIS data system for identifying contract costs.

Performance Measures and Standards

We will work closely with the Government while developing the Performance Work Statement; drafting performance measures that provide a series of indicators, expressed in qualitative, quantitative or other tangible terms, and that indicate whether current performance is reasonable and cost effective. Examples include measurable performance such as workload and output-to-cost ratios, transaction ratios, error rates, consumption rates, inventory fill rates, timeliness measures, completion and back order rates; and for quality service measures responsiveness rates, and user satisfaction rates. The performance standards developed will reflect the minimum, sector-specific, Government requirement for the performance of commercial activities, and will incorporate both quality measures and cost measures. The cost measures will reflect the cost comparability procedures to assure equity in the comparison of performance standards with private industry standards.

Contract Conversions and Expansion

Talos International will assist the Government in the organizational and infrastructure assessments, financial cost analysis, and justification, to:

      • Change from in-house performance by Federal employees to performance by a commercial source (Conversion to contract).
      • Change from a contracted commercial source to performance by Federal employees with Government resources (Conversion from contract).
      • Modernize, replace, upgrade or enlarge an in-house commercial activity or capability (Expansion).
Inherently Governmental Activity

During the assessment, analysis, and review process being conducted, it may be determined that the work is an inherently governmental activity and mandates performance by Federal employees. In these cases Talos will draft documentation in accordance with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) Letter 92-1, Appendix 5 that provides guidance to avoid an unacceptable transfer of official responsibility to contract performance.

MEO Selection

When the Government determines an activity will be selected, whether a Government activity, commercial activity, commercial facilities and resources, Government facilities and resources, or mixes thereof, Talos International will assist in fulfilling the newly established need for a commercial product or service; or transitioning a public entity or enterprise to private control and ownership at reasonable or competitive prices. Specific considerations will include staffing the service, the capital investments required to support the service or procurement of products or enterprise system, and confirming there are no apparent conflicts of interest.

Core Capability

Our Rolodex contains hundreds of qualified independent contractors and commercial activities to include college research institutes we can draw on to support a specialized technical or scientific development area, to ensure that a Government capability is maintained. This can be an individual person or commercial company with a cadre of highly skilled employees providing a part time or full time solution.

Post-MEO Performance Review

When services are performed in-house, as a result of a cost comparison, including those involving an inter-service support agreement, Talos International will conduct a formal review and inspection of the Most Efficient Organization. The Post-MEO Performance Review Report provided by Talos will confirm that the MEO has been implemented in accordance with the Transition Plan, establish the MEO’s ability to perform the services of the PWS, confirm that actual costs are within the estimates contained in the in-house cost estimate, and recommend adjustments that should be made to the scope of work or processes being employed.

Quality Assurance Surveillance

Our Principles have participated in the development and maintenance of numerous Quality Control Plans for programs of record such as the US Navy Smart Ship Program, and Naval Special Warfare Vulnerability and Signature Reduction Program. Talos International will assist Government employees in the MEO Quality Assurance Surveillance throughout the period of performance to ensure that quality processes have been monitored and technical audits conducted to verify adherence to organizational standards, processes, and procedures; and the standards of the PWS have been met within the costs bid.