Analytical and Organizational Assessment

Analytical and Organizational Assessment
Organization Development and Change

Talos International’s organizational assessments follow a systems approach (Open Systems Model) to analyze a proposed transformation, determine the impacts of the transformation on the organization, assess the preparedness of the organizational entities to adopt the transformation, and assess the people and organizational risks associated with the transformation.

Strategic View

The level of data collection provides an assessment of the whole organization. After the kick-off meeting Talos International will work with the organization’s leadership to identify the right employees to interview, develop interviews, and using an Open Systems Model examine areas such as the mission & strategy, leadership, organizational culture and structure, external environment, and management practices and processes.

Operational and Climate View

Once we collect and analyze data from the Strategic View, we assess the organization from an operational perspective which reflects the key elements needed to execute the organization’s plans, direction and accomplish its work. The Organizational Climate is then assessed to determine the experience of what it’s like to work in an organization. The information collected will then be analyzed to identify key issue areas, which guide the development of alternatives and solutions.

Action Planning and Implementation

Talos will then hold discussions with the organizations management team to address key issue areas, identify strategic changes, and alternatives that can be implemented to address change at the strategic, operational, and climate levels. Based on the management teams decision Talos will develop action plans to address and implement change. The change implementation plan will then be initiated, and key performance indicators (KPIs) and quantitative measures of performance will be monitored to confirm the practical reality that strategic, organizational, and cultural change is actually occurring within the organization.

The analytical and organizational assessment support provided by Talos International can be applied to micro or macro levels of the organization, or to specific Customer’s areas of interest such as strategic plans, communication, business or financial management processes, human capital management, or organizational development initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Talos International can assist our Customers in the development and management of acquisition strategies that meet the specific needs of Divisions, Program Offices, or individual programs or record. We can assist in tailoring the acquisition strategy to document the factors, approach, and assumptions that will guide acquisition decisions related to the investment; and allow for the identification of risks and consideration of tradeoffs needed to mitigate those risks. Ultimately, our employees can assist in developing a road map for the investment life-cycle; and an iterative process that allows for updates and refinements to the acquisition strategy.