Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

Ports of entry, coastlines, and waterways are vital transportation channels vulnerable to illegal fishing activities, petroleum theft, natural disasters, unlawful immigration, piracy, terrorism, and other illicit activity.

Talos International and our technology partners offer solutions that will assist in monitoring maritime, border, and metropolitan activity, allowing law enforcement officers to identify potential threats and proactively respond.

Our employees have conducted site surveys in high threat areas and designed, installed, tested, and delivered technology solutions that range from Regional Command and Control Centers to fixed site and mobile electro-optic sensor stations ― communicating on cyber-security protected networks.

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is the backbone of each nation’s economy, security, and health. Proactive efforts are necessary to develop, strengthen, and maintain a secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure ― including assets, networks, and systems that are vital to public safety. Talos International offers turn-key solutions to assist our customers in protecting their nation’s oil and gas, transportation, communication, electrical, and maritime critical infrastructure.

Installation and sustainment of technology solutions assist in preventing unlawful immigration, piracy, terrorism, and other forms of illicit activity. Talos International will design, install, test, and deliver technical solutions to meet each customer’s needs.

Our employees have significant experience designing and constructing Fixed Site and Mobile Operations Centers in Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, and the Middle East. Fixed sites can be equipped with sensors and communications systems riding on a cyber-security protected network; and passing voice, video, and data to command and control centers. Each solution can be delivered with training and maintenance support packages in the language desired.



We apply a flexible network planning methodology that allows newly delivered communication systems to adapt to next-generation networks, and accommodate a growing number of new information and communications technology-enabled services and applications.


Our engineering team is skilled in surveying, designing, installing, testing, and optimizing wireless topologies and is trained in various network protocols including CDMA, PCS, GSM, iDEN, and LTE. We work with our customers to define precise requirements and customize each solution to meet our customers’ specific communication needs.

Test and Evaluation

Talos International’s employees have significant experience in the test and evaluation (T&E) of government and commercial programs. We understand the fundamental purpose of T&E is to verify and validate performance capabilities, and determine whether systems are operationally effective, suitable, survivable, and safe for intended use. Our T&E services include test management, test plan preparation, testing, test analysis, and test reporting.


Talos International provides training support services, including the planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of curricula. We provide our customers with professional and experienced training managers and curricula development teams capable of developing and supervising mission-focused computer-based training, instructor-led training, and train-the-trainer instructional services in the language required.